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Keep Your Bottom Beautiful

The anti-slip properties of the special i-Skin compound are the result of meticulous testing. A little physics explains why a guitar* on a GigPad is reliably stable:

  • When a guitar is placed on a GigPad, it’s bottom ( the heaviest part of most guitars ) and centre of gravity are ‘rock bottom’. Things with a low centre of gravity do not fall easily.
  • The weight of a guitar on a GigPad, combined with gravity, creates friction.
  • When a guitar is leaned at a sufficient distance ( usually  10-14″ ) against a speaker cabinet or other vertical surface, torque is created at the point of contact
  • Like a ladder leaning against a vertical wall:  gravity, friction and torque combine to achieve lateral stability.

There’s nothing to assemble or unfold with GigPad, contributing to a very quick setup and teardown….and a nice bonus: it also pads your guitar in its case…making GigPad great to travel with!

*GigPad works best with evenly shaped guitar bottoms.


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‘Keep Your Bottom Beautiful’…patented design protects your guitar’s body bottom. 

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