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Hi, I'm Tom Lewis founder and CEO of Gigpad Music Canada. I'm excited to finally have the website up and running... albeit a little late for Xmas 2015...but hey... Easter is around the corner...and we finally have some Yellow Gigpads available :)


A little background as to how Gigpad came about:

I've been a working pro bassist for some 30 yrs. now. Many types of gigs from rock concerts with the likes of Tom Cochrane, Alan Frew/Glass Tiger and more....opening tours with The Moody Blues and The Beach Boys... to jam nights at the local pub.

If there's one thing I learned, it's that equipment reliability and speed of setup/teardown are a BIG part of having a great gig. Like a gigbag vs. a hardshell case, a carryon instead of a suitcase or running shoes instead of work don't always need the most 'heavy-duty' option. 

The idea for Gigpad started after my strap peg got damaged from years and years of floor contact when leaning my bass against my rig. While I liked the convenience, sometimes my bass would slide away from my rig. The strap lock and peg kept comting loose and eventually...ZING! at a gig with bass on, the peg shot out of the bass body like a champagne cork from a bottle. I realized the weight of my bass, directly on the strap peg all the time, was causing problems!

So I embarked on finding a way to continue with the convenience of leaning my instrument, while protecting the body bottom and strap peg with some anti-slip stability. Not to get all geeky on you, but like a ladder, gravity, friction and even a little torque are some of the forces involved in obtaining lateral stability of a leaning instrument..

On the majority of gigs and sessions, I no longer feel the need to bring a guitar stand: Try Gigpad out and you'll see what I mean!

Visit us often for photo gallery updates on some of the more creative ways to use Gigpad...also you can enter a pic in our monthly contest for a chance to win a free GigPad.

Happy Gigging!


p.s. A couple of alternative uses for Gigpad include using as an amp stand to angle your cabinet up. We've also heard great things about Gigpad being used between tube heads and speaker cabs to buffer vibrations... also as an isolating, de-coupling, de-booming speaker pad...stay tuned for more info!