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The anti-slip properties of the special i-Skin compound are the result of meticulous testing. A little physics explains why a guitar on a GigPad is reliably stable:



When a guitar is placed on a GigPad, it’s bottom (the heaviest part of most guitars) and centre of gravity are ‘rock bottom’. Things with a low centre of gravity do not fall easily.


The weight of a guitar on a GigPad, combined with gravity, creates friction.


When a guitar is leaned at a sufficient distance (usually 10-14″) against a speaker cabinet or other vertical surface, torque is created at the point of contact


Like a ladder leaning against a vertical wall:  gravity, friction and torque combine to achieve lateral stability.


What Makes GigPad Different?

Professionally Tested

Tested on a wide variety of surfaces from concert stages to beer soaked stage floors.

Patented Design

Icon meet icon….45 adapters and electric guitars…a match made in rock n roll heaven.

One Size Fits All

GigPad is also great for basses, acoustic guitars, banjos, ukuleles, violins, guitarros, etc…


Flexible & Strong

GigPad’s special-purpose blend of micro-cell polyurethane foam is flexible, water proof and incredibly strong.

Instrument Safe

GigPad is safe for all guitar finishes, including nitrocellulose.

Canadian Made

GigPad is proudly 100% Canadian made.
3,000+ Happy Customers
Over 500 R&D Hours
Recycled Materials
The Only Stand You'll Need


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‘Keep Your Bottom Beautiful’…patented design protects your guitar’s body bottom. 

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