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GigPad is AMAZING. It saves lots of room on and off the stage. Easy to fly with-it fits right into my carry on.

Andrew Mactaggart - Guitarist with Steve Tyler and Tim Hicks

It’s great! I use my GigPad more than my iPad.

Derek Downham, guitarist/producer (Serena Ryder, Andy Kim, Kevin Drew-Broken Social Scene)

This is a great thing! Fits almost anywhere…Also great for tight setups, and anywhere where your guitar might be knocked out of a stand. Thanks a lot Gigpad!

Michael Zweig, Guitarist/Producer (Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman)

The minute I started using it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for!

Phil Naro, singer/guitarist/Emmy Award winner (Julian Lennon, Brian May, Billy Sheehan, Peter Criss)

GigPad is a great product! You might find this funny but I’ve also been using it like a stress ball to squeeze and relax my hands!

Bill Bell - Guitarist/Producer with Jason Mraz

This thing is cool… It comes in handy, even on big stages and in the studio.

Al Connelly - Guitarist with Glass Tiger

GigPad caught my eye the first time I saw it and I bought on the spot. A brilliant product that can be used anywhere to keep your axe safe.

Zero - Guitarist/Founder of The Kings

Simple and practical. Slips easily into my gig bag… And it looks cool! Lots of comments about this handy little gizmo.

Gord Deppe - Guitarist/Singer/Founder of The Spoons

GigPad is really coming in handy! It’s great design and easy to schlep.

Russ Boswell - Studio and live bassist with David Wilcox, Serena Ryder and many more

GigPad keeps my old 335 from slipping off my amp and saves the bottom from wear and tear. Fits into my guitar bag and I no longer need to carry a stand. Makes gigging life a lot easier and safer for my axe. 

Thomas Barlow (Sony recording artist/Juno nominee)



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